Grow your CryptoFlower

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What is the Cryptoflowers?

CryptoFlowers is an internet collectibles game, focused on selecting and discovering new wonderful and beautiful breeds of fancy flowers. The game is utilizing a Blockchain technology, that’s why it’s called CryptoFlowers. Our main goal with this project is to spread the word about blockchain and make it accessible and easy to use for as many people as possible.

How does it work?

CryptoFlowers Breeding Scheme

CryptoFlowers allows you to breed two different flowers to receive new and genetically unique third one. Each CryptoFlower has a unique genome, which describes it’s properties - color, shape, details, etc.

When you breed two flowers, their genes mix and you will receive a new flower, which resembles both parents and if you are lucky has something completely new!

Grow your CryptoFlower

Auction House – make a profit!

Your unique flower brings real profit!
Get money for crossing your flowers with the flowers of other players
or sell flowers at Auction House of CryptoFlowers!

Flower Expo

Buy it! Breed it! Sell it!

Open new traits and get achievements,
It's very simple and fun.
Let's create your own Garden!

I am ready!

Unique Features

the flower grower

Find and grow new and unique plants that will blow your mind away!

the collector

Complete your collection of rare traits for everyone to envy!

the trader

Buy and sell flowers on Auction with other players!

Augmented Reality (AR)

Bring new bright colours to reality!

Augmented Reality (AR)

Play with your friends

Play with your friends

Play and earn together! Invite your friends by sharing any flower you like and then earn money for each transaction your invitees perform.

Road Map

Horizontal scrolling
Release of the first version of the game and mobile application with AR
AR-gameplay update: Now you can
collect flowers
by geo-tag!
AR-gameplay update 2: Grow your flower right in your home and office!
Social network update: Help your friends grow flowers!
Adding EPI-genetics and gene modifiers to the game
Global events update: Global events update: The start of global events.
Road Map